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Criminal Defense Attorneys are attorneys who represent clients facing criminal charges. These charges range from simple driving-related misdemeanors, such as DUIs, to much more serious felony cases, such as Burglary and abuse Charges. The Criminal Defense Attorneys work together with their clients at each step of the process. This includes criminal representation at first appearances, arraignment, pretrial conference, and trial. Throughout the process, the Criminal Defense lawyer may file appropriate motions that they will present at the criminal court hearings.

What is included in Criminal Law?

Criminal actions can be divided into four general areas: personal crimes, property crimes, inchoate crimes, statutory crimes, and financial crimes.

Personal Crimes

Personal crimes are crimes that cause physical or mental damage to another person. If the physical harm is so severe that it can cause death, one may be charged with one of several forms of homicide, including. Other violent crimes include:

  • assault and battery
  • arson
  • child abuse
  • domestic abuse
  • kidnapping
  • rape and statutory rape

Property Crimes

Property crimes generally involve intervention with someone else’s property. Although they may also involve personal physical or mental harm, they primarily result in the damages through the use or enjoyment of property. Property crimes include:

  • burglary
  • larceny
  • robbery
  • auto theft
  • shoplifting

Inchoate Crimes

Inchoate crimes are crimes that are initiated but not completed, and acts that assist in the commission of another crime. Inchoate crimes are only charged after the defendant takes a “substantial step” towards  completing the crime to be found guilty. Inchoate crimes include :

  • Aiding and abetting
  • attempt
  • Conspiracy 

Statutory Crimes

Statutory crimes refer to crimes that society hopes to deter individuals from engaging in. The four main forms of statutory crimes include

  • Alcohol-related offenses
  • Drug crimes
  • Traffic offenses
  • Financial/white-collar crimes

A few common examples of statutory crimes are:

  • Driving Under the Influence (DUI/OWI/DWI)
  • Drug possession
  • Reckless driving
  • Fraud
  • Blackmail

Your Detroit Criminal Attorneys' Services

We provide risk-free consultations with our criminal lawyers and the reason we are so confident is because we make your problems, OUR PROBLEMS. Our free consultation is an opportunity for us to learn about you just as much as it’s an opportunity for you to learn about us.

Detroit Dui Attorneys

Have you been charged for DUI, OWI, or DWI?

Being arrested for a DUI, OWI, or DWI can be extremely stressful. Your money, reputation, and possibly even your freedom could be on the line. At this point, you must take immediate action to protect yourself as Michigan has very tough drunk driving laws. If you have been charged with DUI, DWI or any related driving offense, it is imperative that you consult with an experienced Detroit criminal defense attorney as soon as possible.

Driving Under the Influence | Detroit Criminal Attorneys
Juvenile Defense | Detroit Criminal Attorneys

Detroit Juvenile Defense attorneys

Has your child been accused of committing a crime?

As a parent, it can be incredibly difficult to find out that your child has been charged with a crime. A compassionate criminal attorney can help you through this difficult process. Children are young and they can make mistakes. The laws and punishments that affect juveniles are very different from the laws used to prosecute adults. Not every criminal defense attorney is well-versed in criminal defense relating to children. Make sure that your Detroit Criminal Attorney is up for the challenge.

Detroit Drug Possession attorney

Have you been arrested for drug possession in Detroit, MI?

Drug cases can be very complex, and you need an experienced criminal attorney fighting for your rights. State and federal authorities take drug-related offenses very seriously, and no one wants to be accused of a drug crime. If you are being prosecuted for a drug-related crime, it is vital to seek counsel immediately. You should also try to avoid making any statements to the police, friends, or even family without talking with a qualified Detroit criminal defense attorney first.

Drug possession | Detroit Criminal Attorneys
Assault and Abuse | Detroit Criminal Attorneys

Detroit Assault Attorney

Have you been accused of assaulting somebody in Detroit, MI?

Anyone can be charged with the crime of assault, and it is an excellent idea to have an attorney with significant experience relaying your side of the story. Assault is a prevalent criminal offense, and it can come up in many different situations. It also is commonly associated with other crimes, such as assault and battery. Be sure to discuss every component of your case with your qualified Detroit Criminal Defense Attorney.

Detroit Probation Violation Attorney

Have you violated the terms of your probation in Detroit, MI?

Anyone who’s been sentenced to probation needs to be very careful to follow the terms. Your attorney can help you stay on track. Authorities in Detroit, MI monitor probationers and will act swiftly against those who violate the terms of probation.

Probation Violations | Detroit Criminal Attorneys
financial fraud | Detroit Criminal Attorneys

Detroit Financial Fraud Lawyer

Have you failed to file taxes in Michigan?

Paying taxes isn’t exactly something everyone loves doing, but those who don’t pay up may end up needing a criminal defense attorney. Similarly, trying to receive public benefits or filing false insurance claims is very tempting for people who are desperate and trying to get by. However, not paying your taxes or trying to receive welfare while you aren’t legally entitled has been a common issue for many people in Michigan. Contact a Detroit Financial Fraud Attorney as soon as possible.

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The Detroit Criminal Attorneys Law Firm Started as a Vision. Being charged for a crime is extremely scary and confusing, and thankfully, we have a law system in place to allow people to defend themselves in a court of law.

Mr. Adler noticed that it could be challenging to find a competent Detroit criminal attorney for an affordable rate. Clients don’t just want a criminal defense attorney who will just fill out their forms and hope for the best. People want a lawyer who will care for their well-being and walk them through the process, explaining in detail what will happen and when. Finding an affordable criminal attorney who will give you the time of day is NOT easy. Therefore, Mr. Adler started “The Detroit Criminal Attorneys” in Southfield, MI, to help people in need find an affordable criminal attorney, while not sacrificing on quality.

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